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In the course of the use of any problems you can contact us, we will guide how to use
In operation, the nut to slowly turn, slowly bridge to pull, do not operate too fast. Metal will slowly come up, hand to hold the bridge
1,  with a clean wet dents clean part;
2,  the hot melt adhesive stick into the back from the hot melt glue gun, pull the trigger, so stick into the glue gun, plug in the power, so glue gun warm 5 minutes;
3,  to find a suitable traction pads (large indentation need to use large traction pads; (Note: the greater the traction pads, traction pulling the greater);
4,  pull the gun trigger, coated with the choice of extrusion coated rubber gasket (gasket 4 holes should also be coated with hot melt adhesive
5,  quickly coated with hot melt adhesive traction pads on the dents in the central position, gently press until hot melt adhesive curing; (let hot melt glue dry for about 8 minutes; we recommend not to let heat Melt the time not to dry for more than 10 minutes)
6,  the traction tension bridge in the middle of the holes aligned with the traction of the gasket lever, the screw rotating set of sets in the traction pad gasket lever, slowly tighten until the dent part of the pull to the same surface flush with the surrounding 
Package Contents:    
1 x Glue Gun
3 x Glue Pad and Stem (Size 2cm / 2.5cm / 3cm )
1 x Glue Sticks
1 x Knockdown Tool
1 x Pulling Bridge and Knob
1 x Wing Nut

Product Description

1. Repairs dents in almost any place on any vehicle.

2. Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts.

3. Easily removes dents from hail. Car doors, shopping carts and more without damaging the surface of your car

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